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Summer temperatures in Arizona can be blistering, and homeowners rely on their central air conditioners to provide relief from oppressive heat and high humidity. An HVAC system that is professionally designed and installed will keep the living area inside your home comfortable and healthy with low associated utility costs.

Modern air conditioners are engineered to perform dependably through many years of uninterrupted service. Technology enhancements have provided consumers with significant gains in air conditioning efficiency over the last several decades. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is used to measure air conditioning efficiency, and a higher SEER rating means greater energy efficiency. Replacing an older 10-SEER unit with new 18-SEER equipment can save up to 44 percent on monthly cooling costs.

The Importance of System Design

Every successful central air conditioner installation begins in the engineering phase of the project. At H.A.R.E our professional technicians incorporate a number of important structural attributes that affect the indoor load, including windows, duct leakage, envelope tightness, building orientation, and insulation values.

Homeowners should be aware that some contractors continue to use outdated sizing methods when selecting equipment capacity. This includes the largely discredited “square feet per ton” formula that fails to account for differences in building construction. Without knowing the exact load requirement, the system is purposely oversized, which can result in short cycling, lower levels of comfort, and higher utility costs.

Air Conditioning Installation

Once the equipment has been chosen, technicians set up the equipment, charge the system with refrigerant, and make the final connections. The unit is powered up to confirm it is working properly, and the registers are air balanced to ensure every room receives the appropriate amount of conditioned air.

For AC replacement systems, the refrigerant is removed from the old equipment and either reclaimed or recovered. The existing ductwork is examined to identify gaps, obstructions, and obvious leaks. Fixing problems with the air distribution system is very important, especially in older homes wherein the ductwork is often substandard. Duct leakage can lower system efficiency by as much as 50 percent, so deficiencies should be repaired during the retrofit process. After the replacement equipment is set, it is transitioned to the existing air distribution grid and charged with refrigerant.

Air Conditioning Repair

There are few things more aggravating than an air conditioner malfunction during the hottest days of the summer in our beautiful state of Arizona. At H.A.R.E, we believe the dedication to customer service extends throughout the entire life cycle of the equipment. Our commitment to AC service is demonstrated through the ongoing investment we make in training, staff, tools, and inventory.

Air conditioners contain a variety of intricate components and moving parts. When a unit breaks down, we send a certified technician who will quickly identify the problem and replace the worn parts. The most common air conditioning repair issues include burned out motors, low refrigerant, fused contactors, and compressor problems. Our service technicians are always aware of the fact that they are guests in your home, and we try to minimize the disruption to your family and lifestyle.

As a full-service HVAC contractor, H.A.R.E serves residential and small commercial customers in the

Anthem area and other surrounding valley locations. We encourage you to call today and learn more about the many benefits of choosing H.A.R.E. as your service experts.