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A central heat pump or furnace will provide warm indoor comfort when the temperature outside begins to drop and becomes chilly. While the winter weather in northern Arizona is relatively mild, dependable heating equipment is still a necessity. Advancements in technology over the past decade have helped improve both efficiency and equipment safety.

Heating Equipment Options

Choosing the right heating equipment is based on space considerations, fuel availability, and local climate conditions. Heat pumps or gas furnaces are usually the best options for most residential and commercial applications.

Gas Furnace

Furnaces (gas, oil, or boilers, which use water) incorporate specially designed burners and a stainless steel or aluminized heat exchanger to produce and transfer heat during the combustion process. Modern furnaces include an electronic ignition system instead of an unreliable and potentially hazardous standing pilot unit. High-efficiency furnaces are equipped with a second heat exchanger that extracts additional thermal energy from the waste gas produced during the burn process. Furnace efficiency is determined by the assigned AFUE rating, which identifies the percentage of fuel that is converted directly into heat energy.

Heat Pump

A heat pump operates in the same manner as an air conditioner, but it includes a reversing valve that allows the refrigerant to flow in either direction. As a result, a heat pump can serve as both an air conditioner and a central heating appliance. Heat pumps are assigned a HSPF rating, which identifies the amount of heat produced relative to the energy consumed. In mild winter climates like northern Arizona, heat pumps are a very good and economical choice.

Because heat pumps lose efficiency when the temperature approaches freezing, some homeowners elect to install an electric strip for supplemental heating. The professionals at H.A.R.E. will equip your heat pump with the options required to deliver warm indoor comfort, no matter how severe the outdoor weather may be.

Heater Installation

Certified technicians set up the equipment, transition to the ductwork, and make the final electrical and mechanical connections. Once the central heater is started, measurements are taken to ensure the performance at the air handler is delivered at the register.

Complete Heater Repairs

At H.A.R.E., we understand that a malfunctioning furnace during a cold spell is more than an inconvenience. We respond quickly to every service inquiry, and we work to accommodate the customer’s schedule whenever possible.

Once inside your home, our technicians are mindful of the frustration and stress a broken heating appliance can cause. We work quickly to restore the unit to full functionality.

Better Heating Comfort and Savings

The heating professionals at H.A.R.E. have the expertise to repair or maintain any existing heating system and, if needed, to recommend and install a new system if your existing system is beyond repair. Call us for fair, honest, and speedy service, maintenance, or installation.